Subject 5 Shoulder Surgeries and Back in the Pool!
Date 2019-04-29 17:04:31
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We teamed up with MySwimPro to help keep Sara Lark swimming after her fifth shoulder surgery with some new Funkita gear.  Sara shares her recovery story with us below, talking about all the ups and downs of recovery and how important it is to listen to your body as you get back in the pool.

Over the course of recovering from an injury, I feel that many of us can go through a rollercoaster of positive and negative emotions. It's not easy. Here's a look into my journey and what I've learned going through it.

I've been a swimmer most of my life and believe it or not, I've endured five shoulder surgeries.  I and currently 1 year out from my last surgery and happily back in the pool swimming fairly regularly - it wasn't always that way through.

I've learned that patience and adaptation is the most import part of training after an injury. You're going to get stuck... a lot. Stuck in the same routine, same drills, same warm up and same training.  For me, it is hard to stay motivated when I'm doing the same motions every single day.  So throughout my journey I've had to re-evaluate my technique and start over with a clean slate every couple weeks.



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